A Beginner’s Guide to Kitchen Hygiene. Stay Safe!

guide to Kitchen Hygiene

Kitchen hygiene and food safety are an essential part of any kitchen, whether you’re cooking in a five-star restaurant or in your own home. Poor kitchen hygiene can result in a widespread population of germs, food poisoning, and even serious illnesses. So, it’s critical that you keep your kitchen clean, store food properly, and maintain … Read more

Enjoy holidays with easy lunch ideas for guests

easy lunch ideas for guests

The weekend holiday can never be left with zero entertainment. Friends and family go tired over the weekend. And on upcoming Sunday, we all would meet together to make a heaven that would last for years. Easy launch ideas for guests can be an ideal plan to make the party enjoyable. After a heavy lunch, … Read more

vanilla button cookies recipe – just for fun

cookies recipe

Are you wondering to see the button cookies? Do you want to make them at home and gift to your particular person? Then this recipe is for you. Here I wrote step by step guide for making the sugar cookies. These are little vanilla cream cheese button cookies. They’re delicious, and I had too much … Read more

How to use a window fan efficiently in kitchen

Window Fan details

Kitchens are arguably the warmest parts of any room. Many ways have been used to try and reduce the effect of the high temperatures in the kitchen. Air conditioners can be said to be the best in dealing with this menace, however, they are very expensive to install and maintain. Windows fans have been specifically … Read more