How to Make Wooden Kitchen Tools Rack Easily

Kitchen racks are used to arrange your kitchen utensils and vessels in an easy-to-reach and attractive way.

There are racks made up of wood, steel, powder coated aluminum plastic and a variety of other material. Out of this, wooden racks are trendy as well as traditional in look.

Wooden Kitchen Tools Rack

Wooden kitchen tools racks come in different model, shape and made for different purpose. Some are just table top containers to hold spoons and forks etc.

Some are the hanging type while others are wall-clamped. We will look at some easy ways to make different types of wooden kitchen tools rack.

Equipment and materials required for wooden racks in general

  1. Hand power drill machine
  2. Wooden plank
  3. Nails of different measurement
  4. Utility knife
  5. Chisel
  6. Screw driver
  7. Claw hammer
  8. Leveling equipment
  9. Plumping clips
  10. Hanging clips
  11. Measuring tape, two side command strips etc

1. Wall clamped rack where utensils can be hanged in plumping clips

  • Wood plank of size 20 X 2.5 X0.3 inches)
  • Plumbing clips 5 x
  • 15mm and 2 x 28mm
  • Clear polyurethane to seal the wood (optional)
  • Screw driver preferable an electric screw driver for easy use
  • Small photo hanging screws
  • Pencil
  • Measuring
  • tape/ruler
  • Medium sized command strips


Polish the wooden plank to a smooth finish using a sand paper. You can even paint to your favorite color, matching with the background.

Mark the points using a pencil where plumping clips are to be placed. Measure equal distance between the clips and ensure it is the same distance from both sides of the wood lengthwise.

Once the points are marked, screw the clips in the correct positions. Clips of different sizes can be used. For example larger ones towards the left and smaller one towards the right side of the plank. If you mix them in between, it won’t look nice after placing utensils.

Now attach the rack to the wall. Either you can screw it to the wall or paste it using a command strip capable of handling min 4lb weight. If the wall is tiled or your houses is a rented house it will be a good idea to paste it instead of breaking the wall.

This is the best rack to hold the spoons, ladle, forks and knives of different sizes.

2. Wooden Dish Rack

  • 10 pieces of wooden strips of dimension 15 L X 2 W X 4H inches.
  • 18 pieces of small wooden pieces of dimension 2 LX .5 W X 4 H inches
  • Good quality glue to attach wooden piece each other
  • Polisher to smoothen the wood surface
  • Pencil
  • Clear polyurethane to seal the wood (optional)


Polish the wooden strips using a rough sand paper. Arrange the 15 inch long wooden planks (10 in number) in parallel on a plane surface.

Mark the points 2 inch from each side of the strip lengthwise. Glue the small piece on the vertical side and paste it in between two long strips at the marked points. Between each strips you will have 2 small pieces of wood on each end 2 inch apart from the tip.

Similarly arrange all the strips and glue each other. Now between each strip, you will have a gap of 7 inches length and 0.5 inches in width. The height of the base will be 4 inches from the surface.

For an added support, you can drill through the wood widthwise using a hand drill machine, where small pieces are attached and insert a wooden ruler from each side.

This gives an extra support for the glued pieces. You can paint this wooden dish rack if needed or seal it with clear polyurethane. This will protect the wood from being damaged over a period of time if you keep wet plates on this rack.

This procedure is ideal in enabling you make wooden kitchen rack that allows you to arrange the plates vertically in parallel, which also will help to drain the water through the gap in between the strips.

This can be made according to your sink size and can be placed over the sink so that the water drained will go directly to the sink.

Points To Remember About Wooden Racks

# Should not be used for wet utensils·
# Shouldn’t be places in a wet or moist area as the wood may be damaged over a period of time. ·
# If not maintained properly, potential to termite and other insect attacks.·
# Don’t place very close to stove or fire.


You can also buy DIY wooden kitchen tools rack kits from amazon or e-bay and assemble easily by following the instructions.

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