Lodge 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillet Review

A cast iron skillet can always make your food more hearty. Whether it’s an egg omelet or fried food, you will always get the best results. Lodge has been making the best iron skillets for more than 123 years. Americans can always rely on their products no matter what model they come up with. Recently, Lodge 12-inch cast iron skillet is the popular one. But why? Quite a good question.

lodge cast iron reviews
Lodge cast iron reviews

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Searching online, you will find several reviews on the product. But many people are not satisfied with the reviews. Some reviews are very short and end you nowhere. To get insights, we can help you. Again, if you ask, how? The answer is simple. We came up with a brief review of the product Lodge pan. Our review mainly consists of customer reviews, user experience, and our research. We hope that this content will help you find all the necessary information about the product. Without any further ado, let’s move on with the reading.

Features of the Lodge 12-inch cast iron skillet

This model of the Lodge iron skillet gained popularity because of its support and features. It is a pre-seasoned 12 inches cookware. Made in the US the skillet is sure to make your every meal a memorable one. But with all the complements aide, what are the main features of this skillet? We are going to talk about them starting right now.

Cast iron skillet

This is mainly a cast iron skillet. You can bake, fry, stir fry any food with the iron skillet. Cast iron is a great material as it is induction compatible. It also gains semi-stick surface on the skillet. One of the main problems of cast iron is that it is a relatively poor heat conductor comparing with other materials. The construction of the skillet is always perfect. All the edges and finishing are smooth and perfect. Cooking on an iron skillet is quite hard. But you can get 100% attention from your skillet if you want.

Frying multiple foods is easy when you get the hang of it.

Placing the skillet anywhere you want is not of a big deal. Whether it’s a regular kitchen, oven or campsite, cooking gets comfortable. The construction is durable and compact. You will get long-lasting features because of the construction.


The lodge cast iron skillet is pre-seasoned by the manufacturer. From the beginning Lodge never seasoned their skillets. But in recent years, they are using vegetable oil to season the iron skillet. There is no synthetic chemicals or anything. Just natural vegetable oil. The seasoning gets better time to time.

Handling and using

The stubby main handle is too short of bracing underneath one’s forearm. But too much stubbier may get hot after long-time cooking. This will catch heat on your arms. But to reduce the problem, the skillet comes with rubbery silicon cover. Handling the pan is easy. You will not catch any heat on your paws because of the handle. During stir-frying, you may face a little problem using it. Pouring fluid or curry is a bit tough with the skillet.

Versatile and durability

Without having a good gas range or heat on the oven, coddling the pan more is required. You need to coddle more than another even-heating pan. Preheating the pan on the oven will smooth out the heat. Well, every pan can has this support, But this one requires more attention from it’s the user. One of the best things about the pan is that it is quite durable unless you wrestle with it. Being induction compatible, searing stake gets easy with the skillet. The ergonomic design of the skillet makes it versatile and the construction material makes it durable at the same time. The weight may be a little too much by the way. Handling 8.2 pounds is a little hard work.

Cleaning option

The cleaning option is poor with this iron skillet. Yes, cleaning the skillet is tough. Even the manufacturer said that you should hang or store the skillet in a dry place. After cooking, cleaning up the whole skillet gets tough and hard work is required. Especially, when you stir fry or make spicy food. This is a letdown of the pan. But use mild soap to wash it. Otherwise don’t try to wash it.


The cast iron skillet is unparalleled in heat retention. Cooking food gets fun because of it featuring even heating over the pan. But before you go on cooking, heat the pan on the oven. Cast iron skillet always cannot offer even heating. So, using the oven might help you.

Things we like about the lodge 12 inch skillet:

  • Pre-seasoned and compact
  • Cast iron 12 inches skillet
  • Better cooking options
  • Handling the appliance is easy and comfortable
  • Comes with heat retention and even heating

Things we dislike about the lodge cast iron pan:

  • Cleaning option is not good and need to use mild soap
  • Not quite versatile and weighs a little bit too much
  • Need to purchase the lid separately

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FAQ about Lodge 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillets

  • Why should I purchase the Lodge 12 inch iron cast skillet?

You should buy the iron skillet for its offering even heating, a natural easy-release finish, versatility, and durability. We believe this is great cookware for anybody who loves to cook.

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Now many may debate over the product that it is like a throwback to the early days. This lodge 12 inch iron pan product comes with a lot of cons. The weight is too much, heats unevenly and the significant problem comes with the cleaning. You may clean it using a mild soap or should not clean at all. Even with all these cons, there are some advantages. The skillet is pre-seasoned and offers excellent cooking option.

Handling the product is not that of a hassle unless there is any liquid. 12 inches iron cast skillets are popular alright. But getting to choose the perfect one is the main trouble. We tried to help you with this matter.

Hope the content will provide you with all the necessary information you need about the iron skillet.

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