Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet Review

Any professional cook or home cooking enthusiast require an iron skillet. Serving a large portion of the tables food depends on a good quality skillet. Skillets are usually great for cooking foods that require high heat. Especially stir fry, scrambled food and non-scrambled fries get better and better when you cook using an iron skillet. But as there are a lot of products available on the mart, choosing one is not an easy job.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet Review
Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet Review

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So, a review can help you reach a decision. That is why we came up with Le Creuset cast iron skillet review. We believe that this skillet is one of the best they had to offer, Why? We are going to get onto that shortly.

Product Disclaimer:

  • Product Dimensions: 13.2 x 12 x 1.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Cast iron

Le Creuset Cast Iron Features

The Le Creuset cast iron skillet is here to make sure the same reliable cooking support over and over again. Unlike other skillets out there on the market, this iron skillet offers you a lot of support. From stovetop frying to oven cooking, everything gets better and better with the pan. Acts both as a pan and a skillet. Now, what are the main features of the pan? We are going to talk about them right now.

  • Cast iron skillet: Made using quality cast iron the skillet weighs just 7.75 pounds. So, you can say that the skillet is quite the heavy one. But one thing for sure, cast iron is a little heavy anyway. If the cast iron skillet is too lightweight, you cannot say it’s the real deal. You can handle the skillet with just one hand if you are strong. All the edges have a smooth finish and great touch in it. The overall construction looks great.
  • Reliable and versatile: You can use the skillet for just about any sort of cooking. You will always get reliable results. Using the skillet on any heat source is not that of a big deal. The skillet is induction compatible. So, in any kitchen, it is a perfect fit. From stove-top to any oven or grill, you can cook. You can also place your cast iron skillet in any freezer or food storage to make any cold dish.
  • Handling: Handling the skillet is just as easy like cooking. Comes with an iron handle that is protected both from the inside and the outside. The smooth enamel coating keeps the handle away from chipping. While cooking your hands will not catch any heat. Unlike many other skillets, you can handle the pan with ease. The pan may weigh a little bit, but if you are strong then you can handle it with just two hands. But yes, for most of the people handling it is a big hassle.
  • No seasoning is required: The pan comes with a durable black enamel coating. So, it will always stay free from rust and chippings. Also, you don’t need to season the pan. If you do so the seasoning will come off after a wash. But the letdown is that foods may stick while cooking. You will not get full non-stick support from the pan.
  • Heat retention and distributes: The pan will distribute heat evenly. But before starting cooking heat up the pan on an oven. The pan will do the rest for you. It will retain all the heat and make your food better. Fry food such as French fry, egg scramble, baking, meat searing, roast, stir fry gets good. Some food requires high heating while cooking. In order to get the best result, you will need the pan to distribute heat evenly.
  • Two pouring spouts: This is a cool feature. The pan has two pouring spouts. Many may find it not that useful but when you are cooking any liquid dish, this spout will help you removing extra water or meat fat.

Pros of Le Creuset Cast Iron:

  • Durable and versatile
  • Can easily fit in any kitchen
  • No seasoning is required
  • Cooking gets better and better
  • Coated using black enamel
  • Retains heat and distributes evenly
  • Two pouring spouts

Cons of Le Creuset Skillet:

  • Cleaning up gets tough
  • The weight is a little two much to handle with one hand

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How to clean le creuset enameled cast iron skillet

Now for Le Creuset cast iron skillet care, We have mentioned earlier that the plan offers little or no sticking. Before using the pan heat, it up on the oven. This goes the same for many iron skillets on the market. But when the pan gets sticky, you need to clean it. But going straight onto cleaning is not a good idea. This may harm the enamel coating. You can keep it in warm water for a while before cleaning. Using mild soap is good. But there is no restriction in using just about any soap. Try to clean the cooking surface. that is the place you want to clean.

FAQ about Le Creuset Cast Iron Pan

  • Why should I purchase the Le Creuset cast iron skillet?

The Le Creuset cast iron skillet is a great, handy and versatile pan for any kitchen. The cooking surface is vast and you can cook for a large number of people easily. Cooking just about any food is easy with this skillet. Features a great iron handle and two pouring spouts. You cooking gets better after the time skip. The black enamel coating requires no seasoning. You can say this pan is little stick to non-stick. Cleaning up may seem a little tough but if you want to get reliable cooking support you should purchase one for yourself.


Cooking using a cast iron skillet is fun. But it is fun when you get a good quality skillet. Le Creuset cast iron skillet can be the best in terms of support. One of the large iron skillets on the market. You will always get the best food no matter what you cook.

Finding reviews online may be a little hard sometimes. But sorting out the problem is our job. We tried to introduce you to the product. We hope that after reading the content, you will get a good overview of the skillet. Well, we have said it all. The product is versatile, easy to handle, great for cooking any sort of food, great for any kitchen and many more. Trust me, this skillet has many things to offer you.

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