Finex Cast Iron Skillet Review

People are smart nowadays. Usually, they look for customer reviews before purchasing any product. Lately, people are gossiping on with Finex cast iron skillet. What about it? Why is it so special then? We are here to help you find all the answer right now. When it comes to Finex cast iron skillet review, you will find a little information online.

So making a decision about purchasing the product gets a little confusing at times. But no needs to worry. We are here with a full review of the product. To assemble the review, we had to gather information from online and customer feedback. Hope, you will get all your answer after reading the whole content.

FINEX 10″ Cast Iron Skillet Review

Finex Cast Iron Skillet review
Finex Cast Iron Skillet review

Product disclaimer:

  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight: 6.04 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 7.14 pounds
  • Color: Seasoned

Well, what if we say that this cookware is an elegant and beautiful looking skillet? Surely you will say, why so? The answer is simple. We have checked out both the features and customer feedback.

Now, we are going to display all the information we have collected for you. Let’s check them out.

Product features of Finex Cast Iron Pan:

  • Durable cast iron construction: Cast irons are heavier than usual materials such as aluminum. But this cookware comes with durable cast iron construction. So, the weight is quite a bit to hole on your one hand. But it is always said that a cast iron skillet should be heavy. Lightweight skillets cannot offer you good support. The materials retain the heat and cooking high-temperature dish gets easy. Even with cast iron construction, the pan looks polished and beautiful. All the edges are smoothly crafted. You can say that you will always get life long support from this skillet. The skillet is handcrafted in the US and you will get rust free support.
  • Can adjust in any cooktop: Unlike many other skillets, you can fit the skillet in just any cooktop. Need to cook on the stove or you need to cook anything on the oven? Why worry? You can use it anywhere you want. If you even want to cook any cold dish you can use the skillet. The pan is always a great keep for just about any kitchen. Using it anywhere is no big deal.
  • Ultra-polished: The ultra-smooth polished surface makes the skillet great for cooking just about any dish. The polished build structure gives the pan a shiny outlook and gives you an easy release cooking surface. Another great thing is that the manufacturer didn’t use any sort of chemical coating on the pan. Great ah?
  • Pre-seasoned: Recently manufacturers are making skillets that have an enamel coating on them. This makes the pan non-stick. Pre-seasoned skillets come with a lot of problems, for example, mostly the seasoning comes off. But this iron skillet is pre-seasoned and the seasoning gets better and better for the time skip. Well, the manufacturer says that say used organic flaxseed oil to season the pan. You don’t need an oven to heat the pan up before cooking. Quite a good progress I would say.
  • Great handle: Now on with the handle. This 10-inch skillet features a speed cool handle. The handle is ergonomic and comfortable to grip on. The stainless still coiled spring on the handle always disperse the heat quickly so that you don’t catch heat on your hands. Not just that handling gets easier with the handle.
  • Very versatile: You can say that this is one of the most versatile skillets out there on the market. Cooking just about any dish is possible. Baking, stir fry, meat searing, egg omelet can never get any better with this pan. You can even use it to cook frozen food. The pan ensures better result the more you use it.
  • Modern design: The design of this pan makes it more beautiful. Comes with a modern design. The product is handcrafted from the USA. You can say this is a practical innovation from the manufacturer. The special design of the skillet makes it more versatile and compact. You will never get tired of using it.

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Pros of Finex Iron Skillet:

  • Versatile and easy to handle
  • Speed cool handle
  • Handcrafted
  • Pre-seasoned using organic oil
  • Smooth polished cooking surface

Cons of Finex Cast Iron Pan:

  • Need to purchase the lid separately

Finex Cast Iron care

The polished surface of the pan makes it easy for you to bake or stir fry anything. Meat seering is always awesome with this skillet. You will get good quality browning out of the pan. Also, the smooth surface makes it non-stick and cleaning gets easier.

But after the cooking is complete, cleaning up is a must. But many user face problems before cleaning most of the iron skillets on the market. The seasoning makes the pan non-stick. But what about cleaning the pan? Well, very easy. You just need to use a mild soap to clean the pan. But if you cannot do that, using other soap will do just as fine.

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FAQ about Finix Cast Iron Pan

  • Does the Finex cast iron skillet comes with a lid?

No. You need to purchase the lid separately.

  • How deep is the Finex 10” skillet?

Well, the skillet is probably 17/8 inches deep. Just like a 12-inch skillet.

  • Is purchasing the Finex 10-inch skillet a good idea?

Of course, it is a good idea. This skillet is versatile, easy to handle. You will get a polished and smooth surface. The pan is pre-seasoned and no chemical was used. Being handcrafted the design is beautiful but still, the curves are perfectly smooth. This is one hell of a skillet.


We have said it all and now on with the final verdict. For anyone who loves to cook whether professional or just cooks for fun, this is a great cast iron skillet. We believe this skillet is a must for those who look for a versatile and handy skillet. The unique thing about the product is that it is handcrafted from the US. Your cooking gets better and better using the pan regularly.

Cooking on just about any cooktop is no big deal. With, all this in mind, you can surely get one for yourself. If you have found all the information you were looking for, now you can easily find purchase the pan for yourself.

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